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In 2006, 20 years after her last album in Malaysia, Flora felt inspired to record a gospel CD entitled “Eternity” to help children in poverty all around the world through Compassion Australia www.compassion.com.au.  Flora sponsored a child through Compassion Australia in May 2003 and became aware of the suffering and poverty of children.  50% from the sale of her gospel album will go towards this cause.  This album was recorded at the Pillar of Fire Studio in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Flora’s love for a wide variety of music is evident in the mixture of Funk, Jazz, Bossanova, Country, Rock, Songo and Ballads in her Gospel album. She hopes there will be something for everyone. Flora also sings in Malay and Kadazan (a native language of Sabah) in this album.

The title song “Eternity” is about a man from Sydney, Australia, called Arthur Stace who wrote “Eternity” on Sydney streets for 33 years. The word “Eternity” was brightly lit on Sydney Harbour Bridge to celebrate New Year ’s Eve December 1999. Two billion people around the world witnessed as it lit to signify the beginning of the new millennium. The “Eternity” word on the CD front cover is a replica of Arthur’s actual handwriting. See full story on Arthur Stace, "The Life & Legacy of Mr. Eternity". Download Article!

Listen to samples from the NEW Eternity Album in MP3 format:

  1. Eternity
  2. Cimarron
  3. God is Good all the time (part Malay)
  4. Children of the Heavenly King
  5. Why do you love me Jesus?
  6. Adorning Sound Doctrine

Flora’s Eternity album was released on September 16 2006. Order Your Copy.

Displayed below is the back and front cover of the CD, you can click both images for a larger image.


Flora recommends downloading and reading the article titled "The Life & Legacy of Mr. Eternity". Download Article!